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Man charged in drug trafficking operation

A New Jersey man has been charged with heading a large-scale operation to distribute drugs in the area. A search warrant was executed by investigators in Gilbert County in an effort to put a stop to the alleged drug trafficking ring. A criminal complaint that was signed against the man claims that he had 11 pounds of marijuana on his property and 150 grams of hashish. He reportedly also had materials for packaging, which investigators allege indicates that he intended to distribute the drugs.

All of the evidence was gathered from a detached garage outside of the home of the accused. He was charged with the first degree counts of maintaining and operating a facility to produce drugs and with heading a drug trafficking ring. He also faces second-degree charges of manufacturing and distributing drugs and conspiracy.

Legislation will help expunge criminal and juvenile charges

The governor of New Jersey recently made an announcement about legislation that will make it easier for those who have been in prison before to get a job. The bipartisan deal is a set of three bills designed to improve the chances that a former New Jersey inmates can get criminal and juvenile charges expunged from their records. These bills will strengthen the "ban the box" legislation from three years ago.

The current rules under ban the box require a company to complete a person's interview before they ask whether or not that person has a conviction on his or her record. The first of the new bills expands the language for those who have had a record expunged. The second of the new bills will cut down the time it takes to expunge a record from five to three years.

27 indicted on drug charges in heroin gang

The state's grand jury has indicted 27 people who have been accused of various gang-related activities. Among the accusations that have been made against them, there are several different drug charges for alleged involvement in the distribution of heroin. Of the 27, three are said to be "5-star generals" in the New Jersey Red Breed Gorillas, which is a set of the street gang known as Bloods.

There were several of the state's law enforcement agencies involved in the arrest of the alleged gang members. The team of investigators was part of a 10-month-long operation to try and lessen criminal activity and violence in the area. Supposedly, the team discovered that anyone other than gang members who sold drugs in that area was severely punished by the Red Gorillas. That information led to the operation.

Alleged armed robbery foiled by store patron

Reports are calling one person a Good Samaritan after he fought off an alleged armed robber. The incident took place this week at a convenience store in New Jersey, where an unarmed store patron claims to have stopped the armed robbery. The man says that he attacked the would-be robber and continued to fight with him until the authorities could take the man into custody.

The 26-year-old was taken into custody and given multiple charges, including robbery, assault and several weapons offenses. He is accused of entering a convenience store with a weapon and ordering three store clerks to lie on the floor. He was then attacked by another man who was in the store to make a purchase, according to the report.

Truancy issues in New Jersey schools sending kids to court

Chronic absenteeism has become a serious issue in several schools within the state. In fact, 10 schools in New Jersey have a truancy rate of 25 percent, with five of them having rates as high as 40 percent or more. The number of students who regularly miss class is not only up in high schools but in elementary schools as well.

According to the state education department, the issue is not only with the public schools but with an alternative education academy as well. The rate of kids who miss class on a regular basis was 84.1 percent in that location. Out of 32 of one district's schools, 13 of them showed an increase in the number of students missing class. Officials state that the numbers are alarming, and they admit that there is a major problem with the state's schools.

DUI arrest in New Jersey after truck goes airborn

A man has been arrested on charges of drinking and driving after the truck he was in went airborne. According to the police chief, the vehicle left the road and flew through the air in the single-vehicle crash. The officer on the scene stated that the DUI driver was the only person involved in the New Jersey wreck.

An investigation into the crash showed that the driver allegedly was showing signs of being under the influence of alcohol while he was driving. Police say the man had a strong alcoholic smell on his breath. His speech was also slurred, his eyes were watering, bloodshot, and droopy, according to the officer.

Police conduct another raid for drug offenses and other crimes

Last week, New Jersey authorities continued their operations against drug dealers near schools in the Newark area. Police arrested 46 people on assorted alleged drug offenses, gun charges and other miscellaneous offenses. Before that dragnet, 41 people were arrested in a similar but earlier series of raids in Newark.

The police allege that they recovered four guns, 383 decks of heroin, 309 vials and/or bags of cocaine, 50 baggies containing marijuana and assorted pills. They valued the drugs seized at a street price of $7,800, which appears to be a low amount, considering the widespread drug sales alleged. They also picked up $4,771.39 in cash, according to authorities.

Boys charges with juvenile crime in playground arson case

Two boys have been charged with arson after a New Jersey playground was destroyed by fire. The fire at Wales Park in Linden was allegedly set by two young boys who will be charged with a juvenile crime. The kids are 11 and 13 years old and are facing charges of criminal mischief and arson.

Both of the boys have been released to the custody of their parents until their juvenile court appearance date. No motive has been named, and while they were both purportedly seen in the park, no one saw them actually start the fire. A neighborhood surveillance camera is said to show the boys entering and leaving the park at the time that the fire started. Witnesses apparently say that they left the park and then returned again.

New Jersey man with gunshot now facing drug charges

On March 1, police in South Jersey discovered a man suffering from a gunshot wound. The man was found in his vehicle and allegedly had both weapons and drugs with him. Months later, the New Jersey man is facing weapons and drug charges.

According to the report, the police responded to a call back in March about shots being fired. A vehicle was described to the authorities as one which apparently left the scene of the alleged shooting. When police found what they believed to be the vehicle, the man was in it with a gunshot wound. He was taken to a local hospital. 

Man charged with drunk driving in roll-over crash

A man has been charged with DUI after causing a Jeep to roll over in an accident. The New Jersey man was said to have been drunk driving his vehicle when his vehicle crashed into the Jeep, causing it to flip onto its driver's side. He then allegedly fled the scene of the accident on foot, causing the police to have to search for him. His vehicle was left behind at the crash site, disabled.

When police, EMS workers and fire departments responded to the wreck, they found the overturned Jeep in the southbound lane. The car belonging to the allegedly drunk driver was found up against an iron fence nearby. Witnesses helped the driver of the Jeep get out of his vehicle and said that he had a cut on his head. They also claim to have seen the other driver fleeing the scene on foot.