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Drug possession arrest follows car crash

Authorities say a man may go to prison after an indictment on drug possession. South Plainfield, New Jersey, police officers arrested the suspect on May 17, 2017 after they allegedly found 17 Xanax pills on the man. The arrest for drug possession came after the car he was driving crashed into a telephone pole on West Avenue at about 1:16 p.m. 

According to reports, the man they arrested is the son of Edison, New Jerseys' current mayor. He was charged with possession, DUI and reckless driving, and he has since been indicted by a Grand Jury on Sept. 1, 2017 for controlled dangerous substance possession. He will appear before a Middlesex County Superior Judge for a post-indictment hearing.

Charges filed following alleged drunk driving crash

Two families are suffering tragic losses because of an accident that police say was caused by a drunk driver. Law enforcement reports that a 31-year old woman has died and a 20-year-old man is behind bars, the result of supposed drunk driving. At last report, he was being held at a New Jersey jail pending a hearing in criminal court.

Authorities said that the crash occurred on Sept. 6 at about 9:15 p.m., killing a West Deptford woman. Reportedly, a Turnersville man was driving a pickup truck south on Route 42 near an intersection in Washington Township. It is believed that he crossed the median and struck a northbound sedan. The driver in that vehicle died at the scene.

Couple arrested in alledged drug distribution ring that kills man

A couple has been arrested for selling drugs online, and federal drug charges are supposedly pending. It is suspected that the two, a woman from New Jersey and a man from New York City, are facing drug distribution and drug manufacturing charges, and they may have sold synthetic drugs via the Internet. It is reported that one person may have died as a result of this in Wisconsin.

The Drug Enforcement Administration detained the 34-year old man and 29-year old women. The alleged charges are conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute. Another charge of analogues, a synthetic opioid, has been added as well. It is reported that this version, U-47700 opioid, may be more potent than morphine.

12 facing drug charges in Jersey Shore heroin bust

According to a report from the United States Attorney's Office, 12 people have been accused of drug trafficking after a DEA sweep at the Jersey Shore. Those arrested were said to have been transporting a large amount of heroin from another state into New Jersey during the Summer. They are now all facing drug charges.

Of the 12 who are suspected of trafficking heroin, only 11 have been arrested. The last person remains on the run from police at this time. He is a 48-year-old man who has not yet been named in the indictment. The other 11 were named in federal court in the state of which they are accused of transporting the drugs. All of them were charged with conspiracy to distribute and some were given more charges.

New Jersey man faces DUI charges

A man in Hopatcong is facing serious charges following an accident police believe was caused by intoxication on his part. The 27-year-old New Jersey resident is suspected of having ingested medication of some type, though police say they have yet to determine whether the medication was prescribed to him. He is facing a DUI charge, but no court date has been announced at this time. 

According to the accident report, police pulled the man over around 8:30 p.m. the night of Aug. 9 for driving with a cracked windshield. While the man did not smell of alcohol, police claim he was behaving erratically in a manner consistent with intoxication. Police conducted field sobriety testing, which the man is said to have failed. He was subsequently arrested and subjected to an exam by a police drug recognition expert.

Ban on life sentences for juvenile crime has far-reaching effects

The United States Supreme Court decided in January to expand a ban on mandatory life without parole for over 2000 under-aged offenders who were already serving these sentences. This decision has affected those convicted of a juvenile crime in New Jersey and many other states by causing lawyers to look at these cases differently. Now, the logic of this decision is prompting courts to look differently at other cases as well.

Although the Supreme Court ban was set for those juveniles who were sentenced to life without the chance of parole, courts all over the country are using it to set a precedent for other kids as well. Those who have been sentenced to life with parole are also drawing attention from this ruling. Now, attorneys throughout the U.S. are arguing for those who are serving sentences that include the chance of parole, but for whom it will likely never be granted.

Borough pays man $35,000 for false arrest in DUI case

One man has been paid $35,000 after he sued the borough because of a false drinking and driving accusation. The man's suit showed that he had been falsely accused of the DUI charge back in 2014, after the police in Manasquan, New Jersey made the arrest. He filed in 2015, citing violations of his civil rights, malicious prosecution, and false arrest. 

According to the borough's attorney, they agreed to the terms as a way to settle a business matter. The man's suit named the borough's police chief, mayor, and detective as defendants. The settlement and documents from the case were published online.

Man arrested in New Jersey for 30-year-old drug charges

According to authorities, a man has been arrested in the state for something that he was accused of three decades ago. The United States Marshals are said to have apprehended the man, who has allegedly been on the run since the 1980's, in New Jersey. He was wanted on federal drug charges in another state.

The report states that the Columbian national was 68 years old and apparently had at least one alias. His arrest stemmed from charges that were filed in 1987 for failure to appear in court for possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. The marshals had spent years looking across many states for the man.

Doctor accused of drug distribution

A 53-year-old doctor has been arrested in the state after being accused of running a prescription medicine pipeline. The man allegedly had patients driving from all over New Jersey to get refills on pain and other medications. He is now facing charges of drug distribution and more.

According to the authorities, an investigation by the state uncovered the doctor's alleged deeds. The investigation was known as Operation Oxy Highway because it supposedly created a pipeline for Oxycodone that went down the parkway. The attorney general of New Jersey says that the doctor wrote as many as 413 prescriptions for just 30 people in one county, a total of 50,000 pills. According to statistics, eight out of every 10 people who are addicted to heroin started off with prescriptions for opioids.

Driver charged with DUI after crashing BMW

A driver has been accused of driving under the influence after crashing a BMW into the side of a neighborhood Target. According to the report, the crash allegedly left a hole in the cinder block wall on the exterior of the building. This supposedly caused a great deal of damage to the expensive vehicle. The New Jersey man now faces DUI and other charges after police claim that he had used heroin before climbing behind the wheel of the vehicle.

The report states that the man was discovered in the car at the scene of the accident. He was said to have been unconscious at the time. He was attended to by Emergency Medical Service workers, who helped him to recover by administering the drug Narcan. He was then taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated. He remained in police custody during that transfer.