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Drug Charges Archives

Man charged in drug trafficking operation

A New Jersey man has been charged with heading a large-scale operation to distribute drugs in the area. A search warrant was executed by investigators in Gilbert County in an effort to put a stop to the alleged drug trafficking ring. A criminal complaint that was signed against the man claims that he had 11 pounds of marijuana on his property and 150 grams of hashish. He reportedly also had materials for packaging, which investigators allege indicates that he intended to distribute the drugs.

27 indicted on drug charges in heroin gang

The state's grand jury has indicted 27 people who have been accused of various gang-related activities. Among the accusations that have been made against them, there are several different drug charges for alleged involvement in the distribution of heroin. Of the 27, three are said to be "5-star generals" in the New Jersey Red Breed Gorillas, which is a set of the street gang known as Bloods.

Police conduct another raid for drug offenses and other crimes

Last week, New Jersey authorities continued their operations against drug dealers near schools in the Newark area. Police arrested 46 people on assorted alleged drug offenses, gun charges and other miscellaneous offenses. Before that dragnet, 41 people were arrested in a similar but earlier series of raids in Newark.

Heroin found in airport dog kennel, 2 arrested on drug charges

Two men have been arrested after heroin was found underneath a dog kennel at an airport. The large dog crate allegedly held a Labrador Retriever and over 22 pounds of heroin. The drugs were stashed in a false bottom of the crate, which had been shipped from out of the country. Drug charges can be very serious in New Jersey.

Several drug charges made in Edgewater drug mill bust

According to a report from the county prosecutor, Hackensack police arrested four men who were allegedly operating a drug mill inside an Edgewater home. Police claim to have found $200,000 and a drug processing mill at the New Jersey location. Officers believe that the accused acquired the cash through illegal activities. Several arrests were made on various drug charges.

Man faces multiple drug-related charges after traffic stop

Law enforcement agencies are constantly trying to catch those who they believe are in possession of illegal drugs. And because of this, a routine traffic stop could lead to a world of trouble. This fact is illustrated by a recent situation that played out in Paramus, New Jersey.

More older Americans using marijuana

Recent research reveals an increase in marijuana use among Americans who are 50 years of age and older. Over 47,000 adults submitted data that indicate that from 2006 to 2013 there was a 71 percent surge in the number of older individuals using the drug. A geriatrician who is also a health-services researcher at a university says there are a number of possible reasons that older people are using marijuana, including for medical purposes.

Why feeding an addiction becomes a matter of life and death

Far too often, the legal system seeks to impose severe penalties on drug addicts who have been arrested for possession. The thinking goes that addicts are the victims of poor decision making, and the best way to correct their behavior is through incarceration. But the fact is, in the mind of a person who is in the throes of an addiction, taking drugs is not a choice but rather a life-preserving necessity.

Large-scale drug bust in Cape May leads to mass indictments

Law enforcement agencies in New Jersey place great emphasis on tracking down and convicting those they believe are involved in the drug trade. To this end, they may stake out an area and gather evidence on multiple parties prior to making mass arrests. And this strategy was recently on display in Cape May, where police indicted 26 individuals for various drug-related charges.