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Drug possession arrest follows car crash

Authorities say a man may go to prison after an indictment on drug possession. South Plainfield, New Jersey, police officers arrested the suspect on May 17, 2017 after they allegedly found 17 Xanax pills on the man. The arrest for drug possession came after the car he was driving crashed into a telephone pole on West Avenue at about 1:16 p.m. 

Couple arrested in alledged drug distribution ring that kills man

A couple has been arrested for selling drugs online, and federal drug charges are supposedly pending. It is suspected that the two, a woman from New Jersey and a man from New York City, are facing drug distribution and drug manufacturing charges, and they may have sold synthetic drugs via the Internet. It is reported that one person may have died as a result of this in Wisconsin.

12 facing drug charges in Jersey Shore heroin bust

According to a report from the United States Attorney's Office, 12 people have been accused of drug trafficking after a DEA sweep at the Jersey Shore. Those arrested were said to have been transporting a large amount of heroin from another state into New Jersey during the Summer. They are now all facing drug charges.

Man arrested in New Jersey for 30-year-old drug charges

According to authorities, a man has been arrested in the state for something that he was accused of three decades ago. The United States Marshals are said to have apprehended the man, who has allegedly been on the run since the 1980's, in New Jersey. He was wanted on federal drug charges in another state.

Doctor accused of drug distribution

A 53-year-old doctor has been arrested in the state after being accused of running a prescription medicine pipeline. The man allegedly had patients driving from all over New Jersey to get refills on pain and other medications. He is now facing charges of drug distribution and more.

Police bust alleged multimillion-dollar drug trafficking ring

According to police, a recent investigation led them to a much larger bust than they anticipated. The New Jersey State Police, along with local authorities, claim to have exposed a multimillion-dollar drug trafficking ring. That discovery resulted in the arrests of four suspects and the seizure of millions of dollars in suspected illegal substances.

Man charged in drug trafficking operation

A New Jersey man has been charged with heading a large-scale operation to distribute drugs in the area. A search warrant was executed by investigators in Gilbert County in an effort to put a stop to the alleged drug trafficking ring. A criminal complaint that was signed against the man claims that he had 11 pounds of marijuana on his property and 150 grams of hashish. He reportedly also had materials for packaging, which investigators allege indicates that he intended to distribute the drugs.

27 indicted on drug charges in heroin gang

The state's grand jury has indicted 27 people who have been accused of various gang-related activities. Among the accusations that have been made against them, there are several different drug charges for alleged involvement in the distribution of heroin. Of the 27, three are said to be "5-star generals" in the New Jersey Red Breed Gorillas, which is a set of the street gang known as Bloods.

Police conduct another raid for drug offenses and other crimes

Last week, New Jersey authorities continued their operations against drug dealers near schools in the Newark area. Police arrested 46 people on assorted alleged drug offenses, gun charges and other miscellaneous offenses. Before that dragnet, 41 people were arrested in a similar but earlier series of raids in Newark.