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Charges filed following alleged drunk driving crash

Two families are suffering tragic losses because of an accident that police say was caused by a drunk driver. Law enforcement reports that a 31-year old woman has died and a 20-year-old man is behind bars, the result of supposed drunk driving. At last report, he was being held at a New Jersey jail pending a hearing in criminal court.

New Jersey man faces DUI charges

A man in Hopatcong is facing serious charges following an accident police believe was caused by intoxication on his part. The 27-year-old New Jersey resident is suspected of having ingested medication of some type, though police say they have yet to determine whether the medication was prescribed to him. He is facing a DUI charge, but no court date has been announced at this time. 

Borough pays man $35,000 for false arrest in DUI case

One man has been paid $35,000 after he sued the borough because of a false drinking and driving accusation. The man's suit showed that he had been falsely accused of the DUI charge back in 2014, after the police in Manasquan, New Jersey made the arrest. He filed in 2015, citing violations of his civil rights, malicious prosecution, and false arrest. 

Driver charged with DUI after crashing BMW

A driver has been accused of driving under the influence after crashing a BMW into the side of a neighborhood Target. According to the report, the crash allegedly left a hole in the cinder block wall on the exterior of the building. This supposedly caused a great deal of damage to the expensive vehicle. The New Jersey man now faces DUI and other charges after police claim that he had used heroin before climbing behind the wheel of the vehicle.

DUI arrest in New Jersey after truck goes airborn

A man has been arrested on charges of drinking and driving after the truck he was in went airborne. According to the police chief, the vehicle left the road and flew through the air in the single-vehicle crash. The officer on the scene stated that the DUI driver was the only person involved in the New Jersey wreck.

Man charged with drunk driving in roll-over crash

A man has been charged with DUI after causing a Jeep to roll over in an accident. The New Jersey man was said to have been drunk driving his vehicle when his vehicle crashed into the Jeep, causing it to flip onto its driver's side. He then allegedly fled the scene of the accident on foot, causing the police to have to search for him. His vehicle was left behind at the crash site, disabled.

New Jersey woman arrested for drunk driving re 2 bridge crashes

A 27-year old woman was recently arrested on drunk driving charges after allegedly causing two automobile accidents. She was said to have been traveling the wrong way on a New Jersey bridge when the crashes occurred. One driver claimed that he almost lost his life when the woman almost hit him head-on; instead, he was hit by another vehicle. She is accused of drunk driving and related charges.

Man who fled police, ran out of gas, facing drunk driving charges

An 18-year-old man was arrested last week after running out of gas while fleeing from the police. The authorities caught up with the alleged perpetrator after his car stalled in Boonton, New Jersey. He has been charged with multiple crimes, including drunk driving and producing a false government document.

Should you trust the results of a Breathalyzer machine?

The simple answer is maybe not. When a police officer suspects a driver of being impaired, one of the tools he or she uses to substantiate an arrest is a Breathalyzer machine. This machine is designed to detect alcohol from a person's breath. If it reads .08 or more, which is the legal limit here in New Jersey, the driver could be placed under arrest.