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We Can Help You Achieve a Clean Slate

People make mistakes, but that does not mean that their transgressions have to haunt them for the rest of their lives. In New Jersey, in many cases, it is possible to have your record expunged of most types of arrests, charges or convictions. While your criminal record will not be destroyed, it will not show up in regular databases and, in most instances, you will not need to report this history to anyone making an inquiry.

At Johnson & Johnson, we can counsel you about the process and benefits of expungement. We can also advise you of your chances of a successful expungement application as well as help you with all of the paperwork and processes involved. As proven criminal defense attorneys, we are here to help you gain control of your life and overcome any obstacles that may block you from exercising total freedom.

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Depending on the crime, there are different waiting periods that you must adhere to before you can file for an expungement. Our criminal defense attorneys can counsel you about the requisite amount of time you must wait before filing as well as help you fill out and file the proper paperwork and fees for an expungement petition. Although there is no guarantee your petition will be granted, having an experienced lawyer help you with the process can help ensure you proceed correctly and increase your chances.

It is important to note that in New Jersey, even if your record is expunged it does not actually "disappear" and it is not destroyed. The expunged records will be moved to another database that is not publicly accessible and they will not appear, in most cases, if queried. If your record is expunged, in many instances you will not have to disclose it and you do not have to answer questions about it when asked. You will appear to have a clean record.

Our firm will advise you under what circumstances your expunged record will be disclosed and when you will have to answer questions about the details concerning your record. As your attorneys, we will be here to answer your questions even after your record has been expunged.

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