Shoplifting and Theft Crimes

Experienced NJ Shoplifting and Theft Crimes Defense

Theft offenses are serious business

The days where theft may have been viewed more casually are over. If you are facing accusations or charges of theft crimes, it is in your best interest to obtain legal representation promptly.

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Helping you fight against mandatory jail sentences

At one point in time, shoplifting may have been considered a right-of-passage for mischievous teenagers. Today, theft-related crimes have escalated in degree and in frequency. These offenses, which once had been handled in Municipal Court, are now often handled in Superior Court. Additionally, many shoplifting offenses have stiff mandatory sentences, including jail time.

If you are suspected of shoplifting, authorities will be called to question, search and potentially arrest you. For your own protection, do not say anything to police investigators or to prosecuting attorneys. Regardless of what they may say, the information you provide could be used against you. Simply call Johnson & Johnson immediately. Our lawyers will accept your collect calls from jail and we are ready to defend you.

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Since 1929, members of the Johnson family have upheld the tradition of providing professional representation and personal service. Today, our father-son legal team at Johnson & Johnson continues the tradition by consciously being responsive and accessible to our neighbors in Morris and Sussex counties.

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