The Criminal Process

Experienced New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

Aggressively Fighting to Protect Your Rights Throughout the Entire Criminal Process

Criminal charges can wreak havoc on every aspect of your life. They can affect not only your freedom, but also your relationships with family and friends as well as your career. It is important to retain skilled criminal defense counsel who is experienced with every step of the New Jersey criminal process.

At Johnson & Johnson, we understand that criminal charges are serious matters that demand serious representation. Our criminal defense attorneys will help you prepare for every step with careful explanations about the process, your options and your chances. We believe in being honest with our clients and providing them with as much information as possible so that they can make informed decisions.

If you have questions about the criminal process in New Jersey, contact the Dover office of Johnson & Johnson at 973-366-9800 or our Morristown location at 973-455-1298. You can also e-mail our offices if that is more convenient for you. Se habla español.

Our office can help you with any part of the criminal process. If you know you are being investigated, you may have questions about what may happen next. Our lawyers can explain and represent you with all of the following parts of the process:

The initial steps leading to a formal indictment:

  • Intake after being arrested and charges have been formally filed against you
  • First appearance
  • Bail
  • Right to counsel
  • Substance abuse evaluations (if applicable)
  • Pre-indictment events

The following steps do not always occur in this order and some crimes do not have a pre-trial intervention option. We will help you determine what type of plea may be in your best interests and we will help you post bail.

  • Plea bargains
  • Pretrial intervention program (P.T.I.)
  • The grand jury
  • The indictment process
  • The pre-arraignment conference and arraignment
  • Posting bail

If your case does proceed to trial, we will zealously represent you. We will examine all of the evidence, consult with experts when necessary and prepare all applicable defense and motions. We will also help you with any post-conviction motions and, if you choose, we will help you expunge your record when the applicable amount of time has elapsed.

  • The status and pretrial conferences
  • Trials
  • Presentence investigations, reports and sentencing
  • Post-conviction motions
  • Expungements

This process may seem long and daunting, but with our experience and aggressive approach on your side, you can feel better knowing you will understand what is going on around you and be able to make a sound decision about how to proceed. We are on your side and we are here for you.

Contact the law offices of Johnson & Johnson today for a free initial consultation with an experienced drug defense attorney. We will accept your collect calls from jail and are ready to work for you. Call our Dover office at 973-366-9800, our Morristown location at 973-455-1298 or e-mail us. Se habla español.