Drug charges in New Jersey can very quickly alter the course of one’s life, particularly where there is claimed evidence of intent to sell. The magnitude of the allegations of drug charges, together with the necessity of navigating a sometimes confusing criminal justice system, can be unnerving.

As much as the law pronounces a person’s innocence until proven guilty, the cards often seem stacked against the accused. It is a crucial time to ensure all legal rights are safe-guarded, starting with the basis for the arrest in the first place.

On Aug. 15, two Glassboro men were arrested at a residence on Warrick Avenue. Police say they received a tip that marijuana was being sold inside the house. Armed with a search warrant, the officers reportedly conducted a raid. An undisclosed amount of marijuana was seized, along with “packaging materials,” and scales, according to the Courier Post. No description of the scales or the packaging materials was initially made available.

The men arrested were ages 19 and 28. Each was charged with possession of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute and possession with intent to distribute within 500 feet of a school zone. The 19-year-old was also charged with possession of an undisclosed amount of Oxycodone.

Each individual will now have to confront the charges lodged against them. Because there are potentially serious consequences, each may benefit from a full investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding the police investigation and the search warrant obtained.

Like any defendant, the men are entitled to assert their rights in court in defense of the charges made.

Source: The Courier Post Online, “Two Glassboro men face drug charges,” Aug 16, 2011