The judicial system is in a constant state of flux. The outcome of the case hinges on many factors. Such as, the judge overseeing the case, and even the knowledge and ability of the New Jersey defense attorney can affect the end result. But, regardless of the intricacies of each case, individuals who are accused of drug crimes can often expect to be subjected to some degree of punishment. Recently, a man arrested in Washington Township, New Jersey, learned firsthand the stigma associated with drug charges.

On August 13, a police officer was dispatched to S. Washington Ave, where a 22-year-old man flagged him down. He told the officer that he had been assaulted by a group of men. He was able to provide a description of the vehicle the men left in. He also reported that his cell phone had been stolen by the men. The officer located the cell phone and the suspect’s vehicle, and pulled the driver over.

The 23-year-old driver and his two companions, ages 24 and 29, told the officer that they knew the victim and began to explain their version of what had transpired. Apparently, the altercation arose after an argument about one of the men owing money to the other. What started as a verbal confrontation escalated to a physical altercation and the victim was left with minor injuries.

Officer’s indicated that the victim’s eye appeared swollen and there was additional swelling on his forehead. He refused any medical attention.

Officers subsequently searched the vehicle being used by the three alleged assailants and discovered what initially appeared to be a soda can. Instead the can was being used to hide drug paraphernalia.

Police found what they believe to be the anti-anxiety drug, Xanax. One of the men admitted that the drugs belonged to him and that he did not have a prescription for the pills. He was arrested and charged with possession of a prescription drug and for possession of drug paraphernalia. He is scheduled to appear in court next month.

Drug charges are taken very seriously in the state of New Jersey. Individuals arrested for a drug related offenses will need to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney with experience in drug related crimes to help fight any charges. An attorney will be able to ensure that proper procedures were used during the initial search and seizure as well as provide options that are in a client’s best interest.

Source: The North Jersey, “Bergenfield police arrest Washington Township man on drug charges,” Erin Patricia Griffiths, Aug. 17, 2011