When allegations of crime happen to a trusted member of a community, the public backlash can be overwhelming. A rabbi in New Jersey is currently facing sex crime allegations, and is likely learning firsthand the difficult circumstances associated with such accusations.

Two 13-year-old boys visited the rabbi in New Jersey as a part of a popular scholarship program designed to benefit Israeli children. During their respective visits, the boys claim they stayed at the rabbi’s home. It was there the alleged sexual assaults took place.

The two boys each stayed with the rabbi on separate occasions, and upon returning home to Israel, both boys reported the abuse to the Israeli police. The case has now escalated to include the rabbi’s arrest and a publicity storm.

The rabbi remains in custody, and is currently being held in the Bergen County Jail. A judge set his bail at $175,000, but the rabbi remains detained in lieu of that amount. Reportedly, an investigation is ongoing, as law enforcement officials attempt to determine if other children may have become victims of sexual abuse while under the rabbi’s care as a part of the scholarship program.

Alleged instances of sex crimes against children are taken very seriously all over the United States; New Jersey is no exception to this rule. As a result, the rabbi will likely benefit from securing knowledgeable defense counsel. The consequences associated with a sex crimes conviction could be detrimental for those accused. Therefore, a sound defense will be required in the effort to receive fair treatment during court proceedings. Individuals facing similar circumstances may also find the need for legal advocacy from a knowledgeable New Jersey attorney.

Source: My Fox New York, “Rabbi Faces Sex Crime Charges,” Luke Funk, Aug. 17, 2011