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November 2011 Archives

Drug charges follow alleged drug deal in front of middle school

Three people are now facing drug charges after being arrested for an alleged drug deal that was said to take place in front of a New Jersey middle school in Perth Amboy. Two of the three were released from police custody after receiving summonses, and the third remains under arrest. The specific drug charges involve the distribution and possession of heroin in addition to the possession of drug paraphernalia.

New drug charges added to New Jersey woman's legal woes

It seems as if one Middlesex County, New Jersey woman has bad luck when it comes to drug charges. Her story, which follows, illustrates how one mistake can often affect another. For this particular woman, her issues began about a year ago when she was indicted on drug charges for allegedly selling cocaine to an undercover police officer.

Criminal defense needed after puppy squeals on owner

On October 10, a 22-year-old Passaic man was arrested in his home and now is facing a series of criminal charges. The man was charged with animal cruelty, possession of a weapon, possession of marijuana and of drug paraphernalia.

Strange DUI case alleged in New Jersey

Sometimes, media reports of an arrest read as if the pieces fit together a little too snugly. Maybe the incident happened the way it was described, and then again, maybe it did not. Police officers are like the rest of us. They have a job, most want to keep it, and some are willing to twist certain "facts" to fit the case they are working. Dover readers may be interested in a recent drunk driving arrest up in New Milford which seems to raise as many questions as it answers.