On October 10, a 22-year-old Passaic man was arrested in his home and now is facing a series of criminal charges. The man was charged with animal cruelty, possession of a weapon, possession of marijuana and of drug paraphernalia.

Police say they were notified by apartment residents of a dog squealing in distress for “as long as one hour”. The responding officer was said to canvas the Gregory Avenue building level by level until he heard a dog squealing in one apartment. The officer knocked on the door, and heard a man inside shout “Don’t move!” to what was presumed to be the three to five month old black Labrador puppy. At the same time, the officer claims to have heard the sound of “someone starting to hit something,” which may well have been the occupant striking a table of other object to try and get the dog’s attention.

The man let the officer in his home. A search was conducted, though the legal basis for doing so was not disclosed. Nevertheless, the officer apparently seized a .45-caliber Magnum handgun, some marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The amount of marijuana seized was not revealed. Similarly, a list of the purported drug paraphernalia has not been documented and released at this time.

As for the puppy, it was said to be doing well and was released to a relative in the same building. There is no indication the animal suffered and no report the officer observed anything other than the whimpers and the command to not move. Nevertheless, the man now has four separate criminal allegations pending against him. He could well benefit from consulting a New Jersey criminal defense attorney who may assist in making some sense out of a confusing situation.

Source: The North Jersey, “Passaic man, accused of beating puppy, faces drug and weapons charges,” Justo Bautista, Oct. 10, 2011