Three people are now facing drug charges after being arrested for an alleged drug deal that was said to take place in front of a New Jersey middle school in Perth Amboy. Two of the three were released from police custody after receiving summonses, and the third remains under arrest. The specific drug charges involve the distribution and possession of heroin in addition to the possession of drug paraphernalia.

Reportedly, the Perth Amboy Police Department’s Special Investigation Bureau was conducting surveillance outside of the middle school last month when an Infiniti G35 parked in front of the school. At the time, the school was just letting out. A short while later, a Volkswagen Jetta also parked just across the street. The 37-year-old driver of the Jetta exited the vehicle, and an officer spotted what he suspected to be a drug deal between him and one or both occupants of the Infiniti.

According to officer’s reports, upon confronting the Jetta driver, the officer found two packages of heroin that the driver had just allegedly purchased from the occupants of the Infiniti. He then confronted the 42-year-old driver of the Infiniti and a 49-year-old passenger. The officer purportedly saw a large amount of money in the possession of both occupants. Additionally, he also supposedly found various drug paraphernalia in the possession of the passenger after he performed a search.

In addition to the drugs and cash, police also seized the 2005 Infiniti.

The three who have been arrested on drug charges should consider consulting with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney. The seriousness of the charges they now face mandates the presentation of a robust and aggressive defense, with which the attorney may be able to assist.

Source: The My Central Jersey News, “Three people arrested in front of Perth Amboy school on drug charges,” Nov. 1, 2011