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February 2012 Archives

New Jersey deputy mayor believes he was targeted in DWI arrest

Getting charged with drunk driving is serious, no matter the circumstances of the supposed crime. One New Jersey politician believes he was unfairly sought out by local cops when he was arrested on DWI charges. Since his arrest, the man has pled guilty to the charges, but plans to appeal the conviction.

Four New Jersey men arrested in gas station drug bust

Law enforcement officials use a wide-variety of tactics to catch drug offenders. Drug charges can come after a routine traffic stop or lengthy sting operations. Recently, four New Jersey men were arrested on multiple drug charges in a coordinated law enforcement effort. All of the suspects were charged with similar crimes.

On-duty Jersey cop accused of sexual contact

It's likely that there are few that better understand the seriousness of being accused of a sex crime than a police officer. With that said, one New Jersey police sergeant is facing charges of criminal sexual contact while he was on duty. The man is currently on trial, and, if convicted, faces serious penalties.