Law enforcement officials use a wide-variety of tactics to catch drug offenders. Drug charges can come after a routine traffic stop or lengthy sting operations. Recently, four New Jersey men were arrested on multiple drug charges in a coordinated law enforcement effort. All of the suspects were charged with similar crimes.

On a recent evening, cops cornered the men at a New Jersey convenience store. Cop cars surrounded the gas pumps and they began to take steps to make arrests. Reportedly, the police officers had probable cause to search the vehicle for any illegal materials. Cops found heroin, cocaine, and a small portion of marijuana. In addition, the cops found an illegal weapon, for which all the men are being charged.

The men were locked-up in a local correctional facility and their bail was set at an undisclosed amount.

When making a drug arrest it is very important for law enforcement to respect the rights of those suspected of possession. If police establish probable cause based on a faulty premise or do not properly perform the arrest, the accused may have had their rights violated.

Drug charges carry very significant penalties, so it is important that individuals being charged with drug crimes are aware of their rights when their freedom is at risk. In some cases, individuals are charged with possession because they were in a location where drugs were found; they were at the wrong place, at the wrong time. As such, it is incredibly important to establish a strong defense when you are accused of such a serious offense. Law enforcement officials and prosecutors will do everything they can to secure a conviction, so it is important that you have someone to advocate for your rights when charged with a drug violation.

Source: Today’s Sunbeam, “4 men arrested in Salem are identified, facing numerous drug, weapons charges,” Phil Dunn, Feb. 9, 2012