Getting charged with drunk driving is serious, no matter the circumstances of the supposed crime. One New Jersey politician believes he was unfairly sought out by local cops when he was arrested on DWI charges. Since his arrest, the man has pled guilty to the charges, but plans to appeal the conviction.

Charles Cain, Deputy Mayor of Hamilton Township, was arrested last year on DWI charges after he refused to take a field sobriety test. Most recently, he pled guilty to drunk driving in court. As a result of this conviction, Cain will lose his license for 10 months and pay a large fine.

In light of the conviction, Cain plans an appeal, because he believes local cops unfairly hunted him down. The cops may have wanted to seek revenge on the politician because 11 cops had been laid off just days before the arrest.

It is very important that police do not abuse their privileges when arresting people for DWI, or any other suspected crime. A representative for Cain said that law enforcement officers looked up his license plate information long before they even pulled him over. In other words, Cain contends that police were targeting him. If Cain’s assertions are indeed accurate, they raise some serious ethical issues.

Despite Cain’s claims to the contrary, local police maintain that there was no wrongdoing on their part. They state they were just doing what they needed in order to protect the public against drunk drivers.

This case serves as a good reminder that those convicted have the right to an appeal, based on an unfair conviction or sentence. No one deserves to be wrongly convicted of a crime, especially if fundamental rights or protections are violated. A trustworthy legal professional will act on your behalf to make sure you are treated fairly by the criminal justice system.

Source: Fox News, “New Jersey town official blames vengeful cops for DWI bust,” Feb. 10, 2012