One New Jersey doctor faces serious drug charges after allegedly selling prescription drugs, although his license to practice medicine was suspended. He has since been indicted and charged with health care claims fraud, Medicaid fraud and the unlicensed practice of medicine. Furthermore, he has been accused of multiple drug charges, including distributing drugs near a school and public property.

The first indictment came in 2010 when officials suspended his license. According to officials, they claimed that he had submitted fraudulent claims to Medicaid, received payment for services that were not performed and wrote unneeded prescriptions for Medicaid beneficiaries, including prescriptions for Xanax and Percocet. These medications are popular in the black market, but also are widely used in medical treatments.

Since his indictment in 2010, for almost two years, the doctor has not appeared in court to defend himself and has not been able to practice medicine. This has likely put the former doctor in a very tight financial situation. Furthermore, if he is convicted on the charges he will probably never be able to practice medicine again.

Often time, doctors are under an enormous amount of pressure from their superiors and those that they actively try to help. This stress can cause honest people to act in ways they would never consider under different circumstances. As the legal proceedings for both sets of charges proceed, the doctor’s legal team will likely focus on each element of each crime alleged in order to receive a favorable, fair judgment. The circumstances behind the alleged incidents will probably play a role in the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

Source: The Jersey Journal, “Jersey City neurologist already facing Medicaid fraud and drug dealing charges is indicted on new charges,” Michelangelo Conte, May 23, 2012