A New Jersey teenager is in facing weapons charges that have been added to preexisting drug charges. He was charged after an incident in which he supposedly threatened a man with a semi-automatic handgun.

To make matters even more serious for the young man, during the time this incident supposedly took place, he had been free on two bails totaling $175,000. Additionally, the 19-year-old man has already been indicted for drug charges as a juvenile and was convicted as a drug dealer. Since the incident, he has been arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and other weapons offenses.

The offense in question was said to have occurred during late one night earlier this month. According to police, the teenager had been arguing with a 52-year-old man about an unreported matter. At the end of their argument, the teenager supposedly drew a semi-automatic handgun and walked away from the scene to join two other men.

The alleged victim notified the police of the incident and, after a short search, police found the young man in a car along with several other men. The alleged victim identified the teenager, who was subsequently arrested and sent to county jail.

There are several strange parts about this story that will need to be analyzed more closely before any court decision can be reached. Though police searched the area for the weapon that the teenager allegedly used to threaten the 52-year-old man, the gun was never found. Therefore, if the gun is not located, the prosecution would have to rely almost entirely on eyewitness testimony, which is not considered the strongest form of evidence. Although the teenager has been convicted in the past, this does not mean that he is necessarily guilty of the current charges, which must be proven in court.

Source: The Jersey Journal, “Jersey City 19-year-old was free on two bails totaling $175K when busted in new gun incident,” Michaelangelo Conte, May 16, 2012