One local celebrity in New Jersey, a champion eater known commonly as El Wingador, is facing serious drug charges after being pulled over by police. The man, who is most commonly known for his victory at an event called “The Wing Bowl” for which he gained notoriety and public attention. Most recently, he was arrested on drug charges, following a police investigation..

The arrest happened after police had been looking into the man’s activities for a month. Police pulled over his car and searched his vehicle, where they allegedly found $8,000 of powdered cocaine and $4,000 in cash.

After he was arrested, police searched his home and his friend’s home where he had been staying. Though they found nothing at his home, they found an unspecified amount of cocaine at the friend’s house. The man has since been charged with first degree distribution of drugs.

Police can only stop and search vehicles if they have probable cause to do so. From what is known, it is unclear whether the police were executing a search warrant when they pulled the man over. It is also not known why they chose to pull him over, as opposed to using a search warrant at his house, as they had been targeting him for nearly a month before the arrest took place.

Furthermore, it was also unclear why a search of his vehicle was commenced. Depending on the circumstances of this traffic stop, it is entirely possible that the evidence obtained in such a stop might be considered invalid in court if the police didn’t follow required stop and search procedures.

For the man, he is probably overwhelmed by this unwanted attention. After all, he had been trying to use his fame in order to promote healthier eating habits to his New Jersey neighborhood. As he prepares for his trial over the drug charges, it may be beneficial for his defense team to look into the circumstances of his arrest to determine whether or not police acted fairly in this matter. In this way, he may be able to stand up for himself, despite the criticism that he may receive because of his fame.

Source: WPVI-TV News, “‘El Wingador’ arrested on drug charges in New Jersey,” June 19, 2012