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August 2012 Archives

New Jersey police search turns up additional sex crime charges

One New Jersey man who was under police investigation as the result of sexual assault charges has now been accused of more sex offenses. The initial charges stem from allegations of filing people in an amusement park bathroom. For these sex offenses, he is currently in county jail. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in jail on the sexual assault charges alone.

Criminal defense on tap for New Jersey man fleeing gunfight

Most people would not think that any criminal defense would be needed for a man who was fleeing for his life from gunfire. However, one New Jersey man must prepare a criminal defense after he fled from a fatal crash to avoid being shot. He is currently facing leaving the scene of a fatal accident under the homicide statue, weapons and drug charges. His bail has been set at $350,000.

New Jersey assemblyman charged with DWI after passing field test

A New Jersey assemblyman was charged with DWI after he supposedly cut off a police officer while merging onto a road. The incident resulted in the officer pulling the man over, asserting that the man had been driving erratically.

Juvenile crime: 5 New Jersey children accused of school burglary

Five New Jersey children were charged with burglary in a recent case of juvenile crime. The alleged juvenile crime was first reported when surveillance video allegedly showed that five juveniles had been burglarizing a custodian's closet. The five children have since been charged with burglary and theft and released to their parents as they await action in Juvenile Court.

Autistic woman alleges sexual assault against New Jersey worker

A New Jersey man was recently arrested after being accused of aggravated sexual assault. According to the accusation, the sexual assault happened at the time he had been working at a group home with an autistic patient. He is currently being held in Somerset County on $250,000 bail.