Most people would not think that any criminal defense would be needed for a man who was fleeing for his life from gunfire. However, one New Jersey man must prepare a criminal defense after he fled from a fatal crash to avoid being shot. He is currently facing leaving the scene of a fatal accident under the homicide statue, weapons and drug charges. His bail has been set at $350,000.

The incident first started outside a diner when several men, who have since been arrested for attempted murder, started shooting at him. In an attempt to flee, he went into his car with a couple of passengers. While the gunfire continued, the man allegedly abruptly accelerated the vehicle as he attempted to flee. Unfortunately, the car struck a garbage bin, which in turn pinned a man against a concrete wall, resulting in that man’s death. In addition, a passenger was hit twice from the gunfire.

More recently, when police tried to stop the man on the street, he allegedly reached for a loaded handgun. Police pushed him down, and he fled into an alley, where he was arrested. As they were searching him, they say they found heroin on him as well.

While these charges are indeed grave, it is important to remember that under New Jersey law all those who are charged with a crime are considered innocent of the allegations until and unless proven guilty. For this man, he will want to examine the charges against him as he prepares his criminal defense. Through a careful preparation of his defense, he may be able to reduce or eliminate entirely the charges against him. The information disseminated thus far is essentially a compilation of information provided by the authorities, and the accused man retains the right to contest the allegations and evidence offered against him as he fights to both protect his legal rights and achieve the best possible result.

Source: The Jersey Journal, “Jersey City police say diner suspect also faces gun, drug charges,” Michaelangelo Conte, Aug. 14, 2012