Five New Jersey children were charged with burglary in a recent case of juvenile crime. The alleged juvenile crime was first reported when surveillance video allegedly showed that five juveniles had been burglarizing a custodian’s closet. The five children have since been charged with burglary and theft and released to their parents as they await action in Juvenile Court.

According to the report, the building and grounds supervisor was first suspicious when he found that food and other unspecified items were missing from the custodian’s office. He contacted the police shortly afterwards, telling the officers that it was likely due to thieves entering to the office through a hatch on the roof, although there was no word as to why he suspected this. After police reviewed a surveillance video that was taken at an unreported time, police, the grounds supervisor, and the vice principal supposedly determined the identity of the five children. The video purportedly showed four children climbing on the roof of the school while a fifth one stayed on the ground.

For the children, it is possible that the main piece of evidence against them will be the surveillance footage. If the surveillance footage is not clearly them, it is possible that their case may be entirely dismissed. Furthermore, while the surveillance footage might have shown that four people had gone on the roof, however it is not reported whether the four people had returned to the fifth person with items, indicating theft.

While many New Jersey children joke about doing things to their school which may classify as juvenile crime, few actually go as far as to do them. For these children, they will need to look through the charges and evidence very carefully as they prepare to go to court. As with any criminal allegation, there is a substantial difference between an accusation of wrongdoing and proof that a criminal act occurred. Nevertheless, each of these children, along with their families, must now confront the evidence offered against them, while having an opportunity to offer a vigorous defense that both protects their considerable legal rights and seeks a just result.

Source: Twin-Boro News, “Juveniles charged in burglary to New Milford school,” Erin Patricia Glynn, July 24, 2012