One man visiting New Jersey is facing drug charges, among other charges, after being apprehended by a police officer who was apparently advised by a passerby that a man sitting in a parked car might be intoxicated. When faced with police, the man then allegedly resisted arrest. The man was subsequently arrested on drug charges, including possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as other charges stemming from him supposedly resisting arrest from the police.

The incident started when an officer was alerted that there was a man sitting in a parked car who supposedly looked intoxicated. The officer reportedly went to check up on the man, who was seated behind the steering wheel. The policeman claims believed saw what he believed to be marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle near the supposedly intoxicated man. The officer then attempted to arrest the man, though reports suggest the man resisted by purportedly hitting the officer and trying to drive away.

As the case now moves forward through the New Jersey criminal courts, one point of focus will be exactly what the police officer observed prior to initiating the arrest. A news report detailing the incident did not indicate if drugs were actually seized by the police officer and, if so, how much was confiscated.

There are many open questions concerning the incident, including whether the policeman was injured or sought medical attention. Nevertheless, any allegation of drug charges must be taken seriously because of the potentially severe ramifications. There is, however, a substantial difference between an accusation of criminal conduct and a formal conviction. Before a conviction and sentence are handed down, a prosecutor must prove each element of the crimes charges with relevant evidence presented that can demonstrate guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source: New Jersey Herald, “Pa. man faces drug, assault charges,” Sep. 15, 2012