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October 2012 Archives

Will 2 New Jersey teens be certified as adults for sex crimes?

Two New Jersey teenagers are facing criminal charges in connection with a juvenile crime. The two allegedly committed the offense when they were 17 years old, but there will soon be a hearing to determine if they will be tried as adults. The juvenile crime occurred in last fall, but went unreported until May of this year. The two were arrested in August and have been held in a juvenile detention center since then.

Man fights alleged DWI evidence after fatal New Jersey crash

Many times, New Jersey drivers who are charged with DWI can be overwhelmed by the criminal charges and uncertain of what their next step should be. This is especially true in fatal crashes involving DWI allegations. However, for these drivers, they should always remember that they should try and gather their wits about them and respond calmly to any allegations. Seeking professional guidance at the earliest opportunity is certainly the preferred course of action.

Criminal defense: Did a New Jersey woman fake a cancer diagnosis?

A New Jersey woman is now in facing serious charges after making a supposed false claim turned into a very big mess. After stating that she had bladder cancer, her family and friends rushed to her aid. Now, the same family and friends who rushed to help have have turned her in on theft accusations. She is currently preparing her criminal defense to fight the theft by deception charge that has been filed against her.

New Jersey man crafts criminal defense against threat allegations

One New Jersey man is preparing his criminal defense after being arrested for allegedly sending certain members of Facebook threatening messages. He has been charged with two counts of making terroristic threats, theft of services from State Police as well as four counts of harassment. Currently, other charges are pending in 21 other districts. He is likely currently assembling his criminal defense as he awaits the next step in jail with a $35,000 bond.