A New Jersey woman is now in facing serious charges after making a supposed false claim turned into a very big mess. After stating that she had bladder cancer, her family and friends rushed to her aid. Now, the same family and friends who rushed to help have have turned her in on theft accusations. She is currently preparing her criminal defense to fight the theft by deception charge that has been filed against her.

The supposed theft first happened when the woman supposedly claimed to have stage-three bladder cancer. At the time, her family reports that they did numerous things to help her through this difficult time, including making her dinners and planning her wedding. Despite reporting her treatments, the woman said her illness was getting worse.

Later, when the woman reported feeling better, her loved one turned their backs on her and claimed that she had misled them. A further investigation purportedly showed that she had not been officially diagnosed with cancer.

Shortly thereafter, the woman’s sister came forward with accusations that her diagnosis was fraudulent. However, the accused woman says her lodged the allegations as the result of long-standing tension in their family.

There appears to be a lot of anger and a lot of words being brandished back and forth. However, it may be important for those who are close to the woman and the families to take a step back and allow the legal process to take its course. In this way, they will better be able to judge for themselves what the next steps should be, rather than rushing to a hasty conclusion.

Unfortunately, as this is a problem between family and friends, it has the possibility to become very messy. However, under New Jersey law, those who are tried on criminal charges are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. As this woman prepares her criminal defense, she would do well to look over the details of the case as she readies herself to contest the accusations made against her.

Source: Huffington Post, “Lori Stilley Faked Bladder Cancer And Accepted Free Wedding In New Jersey,” Sept. 27, 2012