Many times, New Jersey drivers who are charged with DWI can be overwhelmed by the criminal charges and uncertain of what their next step should be. This is especially true in fatal crashes involving DWI allegations. However, for these drivers, they should always remember that they should try and gather their wits about them and respond calmly to any allegations. Seeking professional guidance at the earliest opportunity is certainly the preferred course of action.

Police say that a fatal accident occurred after a man was reportedly speeding on Route 80. He was said to have crashed into a car occupied by a local police officer who was highly regarded in Mount Arlington. Police assert that the accused man’s blood test revealed the presence of methadone and three other drugs in his blood at the time of the accident.

As the man’s case headed to a New Jersey courtroom, a vigorous approach was taken on his behalf. An application was made to exclude the blood tests as well as the methadone bottle that was reportedly found in his car. In addition, a request has been made move the trial to another jurisdiction, in the hopes of achieving the impartial trial to which he is entitled.

All those who are accused of a crime in our state are deemed innocent unless and until proven guilty in court by a measure of proof characterized as beyond a reasonable doubt. DWI charges, especially when fatalities are involved, can be difficult to fight. However, there is a significant difference between accusations of criminal conduct and a conviction. In view of the grave consequences a conviction would likely bring, the man is compelled to ensure his legal rights are fully protected as he fights for the best possible result.

Source: The Star-Ledger, “Lawyers clash over DWI evidence in Roxbury fatal crash,” Ben Horowitz, Oct. 10, 2012