One New Jersey man is preparing his criminal defense after being arrested for allegedly sending certain members of Facebook threatening messages. He has been charged with two counts of making terroristic threats, theft of services from State Police as well as four counts of harassment. Currently, other charges are pending in 21 other districts. He is likely currently assembling his criminal defense as he awaits the next step in jail with a $35,000 bond.

Police believe that the man would purportedly, under a different name, harass juveniles through several social media accounts, email and phone calls. In the messages, the alleged victims claimed that the man who contacted them told them that they had only a couple of weeks to live and they should make the most of their time. Currently, police are not sure of why this man allegedly made these calls in the first place.

One thing which isn’t initially clear is why they came to suspect this man in particular. Over the internet and through phone calls, it is relatively easy to have some sense of anonymity, and they may have chosen the wrong man. At the moment, the connection between the alleged suspect and the man who actually committed the crimes under a different name is not apparent. Indeed, from the initial report, it is hard to understand how police believe that they were the same person at all.

The charges filed against the man, especially the terrorism claims, are very serious, as he likely already knows. Criminal charges affect the individual charged long before a sentence is handed down. As he develops his criminal defense to fight these allegations, he should be reassured that in New Jersey, all suspects are presumed innocent until, and unless proven guilty. By researching the claims given by the opposing team and examining the evidence, he will be prepared to stand up and explain his side of the story.

Source:, “N.J. ‘Facebook stalker’ arrested: Police say ‘Craig’s list’ included kids,” Bob Holt, Sept. 27, 2012