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November 2012 Archives

New Jersey criminal defense on tap for Superstorm Sandy helpers

With about 15 minutes to go on Thanksgiving night, New Jersey police in Union County answered a drug store alarm. They say they discovered that the Hillside store had been burglarized. Specifically, authorities noted a lock had been tampered with and a window was broken. It was not reported whether there was evidence anyone had actually stepped foot inside the property. Nevertheless, the observations of the police and their subsequent investigation may play an important role in the criminal defense strategy of the two men who were subsequently arrested.

Clarifying the facts can be key in New Jersey criminal defense

When an initial news release comes out announcing that an arrest has been made for alleged criminal acts, the details of the crime alleged are often largely absent. In such cases, it may be important for the person who is charged in a New Jersey criminal court to flush out all of the facts in an expeditious manner, in order to prepare the best criminal defense to the charges possible. This preparation can make all-the-difference in working to achieve a just outcome.

Criminal defense may be needed for New Jersey gas sale

The sale of some legal products can be considered illegal, especially if those sales are made during a crisis. However, if a proper criminal defense is formulated, those who face such charges in New Jersey may be able to mitigate or eliminate the charges they face. Two men are currently facing such charges as they are alleged to have attempted to sell gasoline at inflated prices and without the proper permit to drivers waiting in line at a gas station.

New Jersey bus driver charged with DWI, child endangerment

Being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving is obviously a concern for anyone affected. However, DUI charges can be absolutely devastating for those who must be able to operate a vehicle for a living. This is particularly true for one New Jersey woman  school bus driver who was recently handed DWI charges.

Man convicted of New Jersey sex crimes receives probation

People make mistakes. Unfortunately, that is an intrinsic part of life. When those mistakes have potential criminal consequences, however, the focus often shifts to protecting one's legal rights while seeking a favorable conclusion to any pending charges. One man accused of sex crimes involving a 10-year-old girl in New Jersey appears to have received favorable consideration from the court after extensive plea negotiations resulted in a guilty plea.