When an initial news release comes out announcing that an arrest has been made for alleged criminal acts, the details of the crime alleged are often largely absent. In such cases, it may be important for the person who is charged in a New Jersey criminal court to flush out all of the facts in an expeditious manner, in order to prepare the best criminal defense to the charges possible. This preparation can make all-the-difference in working to achieve a just outcome.

The details remain scarce at this time with regards to the arrest of two men who have been charged with embezzlement and conspiracy. Police arrested them for allegedly taking $350,000 from the Electrical Workers Union where the men served as officers of the union. Police have alleged that the men hired one of the their girlfriends to work in the office and to provide lunches for an apprentice program.

The men are alleged to have demanded payment for the woman’s salary from the union. It is unclear at this time why this conduct was considered illegal. More details may emerge after the men appear for their initial court appearance, which was scheduled for Nov. 15.

Initial reports of alleged criminal acts can be difficult to decipher. As a result, New Jersey citizens should be careful in jumping to conclusions as to the culpability of the named defendants. That is the reason why all individuals accused of a crime are entitled to important legal protections, including the presumption of innocence. Regardless of the charges, each defendant is afforded the opportunity to present their own criminal defense, a defense that could reveal that they are in fact innocent of the charges issued against them.

Source: New Jersey Herald, “2 NJ union leaders charged in embezzlement scheme,” Nov 15, 2012