The sale of some legal products can be considered illegal, especially if those sales are made during a crisis. However, if a proper criminal defense is formulated, those who face such charges in New Jersey may be able to mitigate or eliminate the charges they face. Two men are currently facing such charges as they are alleged to have attempted to sell gasoline at inflated prices and without the proper permit to drivers waiting in line at a gas station.

Police were alerted to the gas sale by a gas station attendant. The attendant apparently told police that two men were trying to sell gas to individuals waiting in line for gas at a price of $8 a gallon. Police subsequently located the men and pulled their pickup truck over along a New Jersey highway.

Police say they found a large gas tank that had 200 gallons of gas in it. Police took the two men, ages 41 and 22 into custody. The men allegedly admitted to authorities that they were trying to sell the gas.

Although New Jersey police say they have both physical evidence as well as an admission on the part of the defendants, it is still the sole burden of a prosecutor to prove each and every element of the crime charged in a New Jersey courtroom. In attempting to do so, the legal rights of the defendants must be honored and preserved. Sometimes, what at first appears to be an airtight case turns out to be something entirely different, and a solid criminal defense may make all the difference. Not only may this process cast doubt as to prosecutor’s ability to secure a conviction, but it may also put the defendants in a better position to negotiate a plea deal if they do not wish to contest the charges at a jury trial.

Source:, “Ulster County men charged in New Jersey gasoline scheme,” Nov. 6, 2012