Criminal charges were brought in New Jersey against a 48-year-old Dover man recently. As part of the initial criminal defense proceedings, he pleaded not guilty to all accusations. He also pleaded not guilty to a homicide charge brought against him in a neighboring state.

The man’s New Jersey charges include terrorist threats and allegedly wielding an axe at a McDonald’s on July 2. He was also accused of theft in Jefferson, where he allegedly stole a truck on July 7, and also purportedly stole $20,000 from Morris County. The last criminal charge was brought against the man for allegedly lying when he reported that he was injured in a vehicle accident in which a Morris County vehicle also was involved.

In Pennsylvania, the man is also facing a homicide charge for allegedly driving under the influence on July 14. He is accused of killing a 20-year-old woman as she was jogging. This case may determine how and when the New Jersey charges move forward.

The accused man’s public defender in New Jersey is waiting to hear how Pennsylvania courts plan to proceed on the homicide charge before the case advances in Morris County. The public defender has contacted Pennsylvania officials, but says that they have not responded with an update. If New Jersey proceeds before Pennsylvania courts act, his attorney has indicated that he may have his client psychologically evaluated and pursue an insanity defense.

At last report, the man was being held on $76,500 bail at Morris County jail. Pennsylvania courts have brought a bail detainer against him, ensuring that he will not be released on bail before they bring charges against him. From a criminal defense standpoint, it is clear that a conviction on all of the charges could result in severe consequences. Necessarily, the defense must focus on preserving all legal rights while determining the best approach to defend against t the allegations while fighting for the best possible result.

Source:, “Man accused of wielding axe at McDonald’s pleads not guilty,” Ben Horowitz/the, Dec. 3, 2012