A large number of bike thefts have been reported recently in Hoboken and Jersey City. The Hoboken Police Department rolled out their new Street Crimes Unit, and they decided that catching the bicycle thieves would be their first order of business. Within a few days, this unit arrested three men and recovered numerous bikes said to be stolen. These individuals are now likely focused on their criminal defense, as they face multiple charges stemming from their alleged involvement in a bike theft ring that encompasses New Jersey and New York.

Police arrested the first man on charges of burglary and theft after purportedly witnessing him break into a garage in Hoboken to steal a mountain bike. Once in police custody, police say he took them to a house in Jersey City. The two other accused men pulled up in a white van loaded with bicycles, and one of them apparently bought the stolen mountain bike. Police arrested both men and charged them with receiving stolen property, and each man faces additional charges related to fencing.

Further investigation purportedly turned up another van filled with stolen bicycles. Police estimate that there were approximately 50 bicycles in all with a total estimated value of $40,000. They believe that the men planned to sell the bicycles in New York City.

In New Jersey and elsewhere, anyone charged with a crime is innocent in the eyes of the law unless and until a court finds them guilty. It is now up to the prosecutor to convince a court that these three individuals are guilty of the criminal charges. As these men prepare their criminal defense, they will want to review the evidence against them, reserving the right to make legal challenges and to confront any witnesses who offer testimony against them in court.

Source: nj.com, “New police unit arrests three men allegedly involved in Hoboken/Jersey City bike theft ring; recovers dozens of bikes,” Charles Hack, Dec. 12, 2012