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January 2013 Archives

Man found with stolen items preparing criminal defense

A recent arrest may put the investigation into two robberies to rest, as far as authorities are concerned. Two separate New Jersey gas stations were reportedly robbed by a man with a knife in recent weeks. A criminal defense for the man arrested for the robberies must now focus on the charges now levied against him.

New Jersey doctor loses license due to sex offenses

For many professionals, a license suspension and criminal charges of any sort can spell disaster for their career. The onset of any kind of charges of sex offenses can have serious legal and professional consequences. For a New Jersey podiatrist, allegations of various sex offenses have resulted in the indefinite suspension of his license to practice medicine.

4 face juvenile charges after New Jersey crime spree

A recent crime spree in New Jersey has led to the arrest of five individuals. Newark police say four of the suspects face juvenile charges and the fifth individual is an adult. For the four juveniles involved, the weight of the charges can carry heavy consequences if a conviction is ultimately achieved, even though they are still juveniles.

Undercover deal leads to drug charges for New Jersey men

Oftentimes, drug charges can come about as the result of an undercover investigation or deal. For two New Jersey men, an undercover purchase of crack cocaine led to their arrest by narcotics detectives. The two men are in their early twenties and now face several drug charges.

How will New Jersey scoutmaster respond to sex crime charges?

Over the last couple years, the national Boy Scouts organization has come under fire for a series of sex crime accusations. As the number of claims of abuse committed by scout leaders continues to roll in, it's likely the more people will get caught up in the accusations.. Currently, a former New Jersey scout leader is facing charges for alleged sexual abuse of two minor Boy Scouts. As the defendant prepares to defend himself against these sex offenses, he may wish to thoroughly examine the consistency of the two accusers' accounts.