A recent crime spree in New Jersey has led to the arrest of five individuals. Newark police say four of the suspects face juvenile charges and the fifth individual is an adult. For the four juveniles involved, the weight of the charges can carry heavy consequences if a conviction is ultimately achieved, even though they are still juveniles.

The arrests stemmed from a carjacking incident that led investigators to suspect the group may have had a hand in potentially a dozen other crimes. The crimes they may be tied to have all occurred with the last few weeks. The crime spree purportedly included a robbery at gunpoint along with the carjacking incident that led to their arrest.

Police believe the group was involved when a woman was stopped at a red light on Christmas Eve, and her car was rammed to the point of rendering it disabled. Before leaving the scene, gunshots were reportedly fired. During the following night, a 63-year-old man was the victim of a robbery at gunpoint.

If the four suspects in custody who face juvenile charges are found to be criminally responsible for the violent incidents, they may face a variety of consequences ranging from jail time, fines, or potentially probation. In New Jersey, juveniles facing charges that involve felony counts such as carjacking and robbery at gunpoint should be sure to know what legal ramifications they may be facing. It is also important that accused individuals, juvenile or adult, know what kind of evidence may tie them to other crimes or charges brought against them by police. A thorough review of the allegations and the evidence authorities claim to have is an important step in preparing a meaningful defense as the case makes its way to court.

Source: nj.com, “Newark police arrest suspects tied to nearly a dozen violent crimes,” James Queally, Dec. 30, 2012