A recent arrest may put the investigation into two robberies to rest, as far as authorities are concerned. Two separate New Jersey gas stations were reportedly robbed by a man with a knife in recent weeks. A criminal defense for the man arrested for the robberies must now focus on the charges now levied against him.

According to news reports, the 27-year-old suspect has been targeted as the culprit and accused of holding up the gas stations on his own. The purported culprit in the robberies used a knife to garner cash along with a phone and cigarettes during one of the heists. He was described as wearing a black hoodie in the most recent robbery.

Police searched the area surrounding the scene of the latest robbery, including the area around a hotel. The man they arrested was discovered in one of the rooms. Authorities contend that the items from the robbery that had just occurred were also in the room with him. Reports indicate that an investigation of the room led police to pinpoint the young man as the suspect in the other gas station robbery being investigated. Aside from robbery charges, he also faces weapon charges.

As reports indicate the items from these two New Jersey robberies were in the man’s motel room, the legality of the search of that room may play a role in the resolution of this particular case. Any time evidence is gathered against a suspect, a valid criminal defense may include the details or legality of how that evidence was gathered. The penalties for robbery and weapons charges may carry jail sentences and a competent criminal defense strategy or knowledge of criminal defense law may help the accused.

Source: NJ.com, “Woodbridge police: Suspect robbed gas stations at knifepoint,” Anthony G. Attrino, Jan. 17, 2013