For many professionals, a license suspension and criminal charges of any sort can spell disaster for their career. The onset of any kind of charges of sex offenses can have serious legal and professional consequences. For a New Jersey podiatrist, allegations of various sex offenses have resulted in the indefinite suspension of his license to practice medicine.

The doctor at the heart of this case was arrested in Oct. 2012 after being accused of fondling a patient. The very same medical professional was also accused of incidents at an assisted living facility. The allegations he faced involved him making inappropriate comments that were sexual in nature to staff at the facility. He was also accused of touching a staff member’s breast. The management of the facility in question fired the podiatrist, and then reported the actions he was accused of performing to the authorities.

Allegations against the medical professional led the State Board of Medical Examiners to temporarily suspend his license in December. The board just met again and made the move to suspend his license indefinitely. According to a professional who oversees the board, the podiatrist’s actions led to a hostile work environment at the assisted living facility and his actions victimized the patient involved.

In this particular case, regardless of the legal outcome of the sexual offenses levied against the doctor, he may find that he is unable to practice medicine again in New Jersey. When criminal charges result in losing accreditation or professional licenses to practice ones career, the consequences last far beyond any jail sentence or probationary period. The accused may not be able to successfully make a living even after paying their debt to society. An effective criminal defense may help those accused of sex offenses plea bargain sentences to help them safeguard their career, professional licenses or earnings potential in the future.

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