For a former actress, one night has altered her life and the lives of a family forever. The actress, Amy Locane of Melrose Place fame, was given a prison sentence of three years as a result of a drunk driving accident and vehicular homicide charge in New Jersey in 2010. The accident took the life of a 60-year-old New Jersey woman.

According to news reports, the actress was driving when she hit a car that was turning into a driveway. The driver’s wife was killed. Locane was found to have an alcohol level of almost three times the legal amount when the accident happened.

The former actress could have been given a 10-year sentence for the drunk driving accident. However, the judge had the discretion to lower the jail time due to family issues. According to the news reports, one of Locane’s children has a disability and a lengthier jail sentence was determined to be a hardship on her children. With time served counting towards her sentence, it is possible that she may be free from prison in six months.

The actress reportedly showed remorse and gave the woman’s family an apology. When a drunk driving case leads to a vehicular homicide charge in New Jersey, there may be significant jail time handed down, which could result in the loss of a job, family and reputation. In this case, the judge took extenuating circumstances into account when deciding on a sentence. Anyone arrested for drunk driving or vehicular homicide and facing possible jail time may want to know what kind of circumstances can affect the amount of jail time that may be given.

Source:, “Ex-‘Melrose Place’ Actress Amy Locane Sentenced To 3 Years In Fatal NJ Crash,” Feb. 14, 2013