For one young man, the escalation of conversations with a minor online may have potentially severe legal consequences. The 20-year-old New Jersey man is facing sexual assault and other charges related to his communications with a minor girl. The girl involved is reportedly 12 years old.

New reports indicate that the parents of the 12-year-old minor contacted police when they discovered her conversations with the adult man. They had allegedly communicated through chat rooms and Skype. These conversations escalated to the point where the 20-year-old man has now been accused of sending pictures described as sexually explicit. He also reportedly received similar pictures of the girl.

The young man is now facing potential serious consequences after being charged with a multitude of sexual crimes. He has been arrested and charged with sexual assault, possession of child pornography and child endangerment. According to reports, he was jailed but later posted bail and was released.

In New Jersey, the charges of sexual assault pertaining to a minor could result in the accused being labeled a sex offender for life. Being labeled a sex offender could very well alter the young man’s life, including future job prospects or even where he would be allowed to live. These kinds of cases have been becoming more and more common in the news as people communicate through phones, Skype and chat rooms without meeting in person. In some cases, people may not know that they have been communicating with a minor. Regardless, each person accused of such charges is guaranteed the right to be presumed innocent until and only if proven otherwise in a court of law.

Source:, “Police: Burlington man exchanged sexually explicit photos with 12-year-old Hackensack girl,” Dan Ivers, Feb. 6, 2013