There are times when a drug bust or raid leads police to find much more than they may have bargained for or may have expected to find. In a recent New Jersey raid, not only did police take action to file drug charges, but they discovered a cache of other items related to the alleged operation of a drug ring. There were more than two dozen people arrested after an investigation.

The drugs confiscated included LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, marijuana, Ecstasy and Oxycodone. Police also confiscated just under $100,000, guns and cars. There were officials from local, state and federal agencies involved in the apparent drug bust.

The arrests spanned across a number of counties. A school district employee and a police dispatcher were among the people arrested. There are also allegations that those involved in the drug ring utilized the U.S. Postal Service to mail drugs. A news reports indicates the investigation is still culminating and there could possibly be more arrests in addition to the initial arrests.

When an alleged drug operation involves the arrest of many individuals, there are sure to be varying degrees of drug charges against individuals as some may be claimed to have a greater role in the operation of a drug ring. While any drug charges in New Jersey could be serious and include severe consequences for anyone who is found guilty, there may be lesser charges for those who have played a less significant role in any purported wrongdoing. The past records of anyone involved, along with other details, may play a significant role in the exact charges or whether a plea deal may be possible.

Source:, “25 Arrested in NJ Drug Bust; LSD, Ecstasy, Cars, Shrooms Among Items Seized,” Brian Thompson, April 8, 2013