What started out as an attempted minor traffic stop has led to a number of charges against a few area teenagers. The New Jersey teens face juvenile charges stemming from a quick car chase after police tried to pull over a vehicle in which three people were riding. Two of the occupants were placed under arrest, and one is still being sought by police.

Police say that as they attempted to pull over a Hyundai, the car sped up. The police gave chase, and the fleeing car apparently crashed into other vehicles that were parked. Its three occupants are said to have then taken off on foot. After the crash, police say they discovered the car was stolen.

The two that were arrested are 17 and 19 years of age. They are reportedly charged with eluding the police and receiving stolen property. The juvenile division of the police department is still reportedly investigating the incident.

While the third occupant has not been found yet, he also may face charges once he is identified, though his age was not disclosed. As these charges head to court, it appears that at least some of the accused individuals may face prosecution as a juvenile. Though there are some important differences between adult and juvenile charges in New Jersey, it is safe to say that a conviction could well bring serious consequences in either type of proceeding. Of necessity, there are a number of legal issues that must be confronted, and each teenager will need to focus their attention on the specifics of the allegations as they gauge the most appropriate manner in which to proceed to achieve the most favorable result.

Source: Westfield.patch.com, “Police Blotter: Teens Crash Stolen Car, Attempt to Outrun Police,” Elizabeth Alterman, March 17, 2013