Often, a drug sting or investigation leading up to a raid can result in the arrest of multiple individuals. However, a New Jersey raid recently resulted in the arrest of over two dozen individuals at once. They face numerous drug charges, alongside an even larger group of other recently arrested individuals that are allegedly part of a heroin ring.

Authorities contend the 25 people facing charges were all associated with a gang that has a reputation for intimidating area residents. The gang activity listed centers on claims of distribution of cocaine, prescription pills and heroin. Authorities believe the gang in question has several homes used for stashing drugs and operating their activities out of, namely a number of places that are part of area public housing complexes.

The group of 25 was scheduled for court appearances. Two from the group are also believed by authorities to be connected to the first murder of 2013 in Atlantic City. The investigation and raid that led to the arrest of so many people involved both local and state police, along with the FBI.

While the news report of this incident does not state the role each person purportedly played in the gang related drug distribution ring, the drug charges are considered serious in New Jersey. Some of the individuals arrested may have past drug convictions, and that fact alone may make a defense in court more difficult. For others who have had no past incidents with New Jersey police or any kind of criminal record, the evidence that has linked them to this alleged gang may play a role in the outcome of their case if they face charges in a New Jersey criminal court. Nevertheless, each person accused has the clear right to challenge that evidence and confront witnesses in court that offer testimony in support of the criminal accusations.

Source: nj.com, “25 from Atlantic City ‘Dirty Block’ gang arrested: authorities,” Joe Green, March 26, 2013