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May 2013 Archives

New Jersey man faces multiple charges, including DUI

An accident that recently snarled traffic for about an hour and a half has led to multiple charges against a man. The New Jersey man involved is facing charges stemming from an alleged DUI crash. The 38-year-old man and his passenger all needed medical attention after the crash.

New Jersey rental car fire leads to drug charges

When police or firefighters come onto a scene, they may never know what they may come across. Recently, New Jersey police responded to the woods for a report of a fire only to discover that a rental car along a power line road was stuck and had burned. The discovery also later led them to the arrest of the person who rented the car. She is now facing drug charges in relation to the incident.

Juvenile charges filed against New Jersey teen driver

Teen drivers have a much higher accident rate for a variety of reasons including inexperience, even when they have the best of intentions or never strive to act recklessly. However, even with the best intentions when a teen is behind the wheel, accidents happen. In a recent teen car accident case, the 17-year-old New Jersey boy is facing juvenile charges related to the accident.

New Jersey official charged with drunk driving

Driving in bad weather can make it difficult to get around safely and it can also make it difficult if someone gets pulled over and has to get out and follow an officer's instructions. One New Jersey official who was recently pulled over believes the weather may have had a lot to do with why he ended the evening being arrested for drunk driving. The official involved was a retired police captain and also an Office of Emergency Management coordinator.

Former New Jersey police officer accused of sexual assault

Police officers, former police officers and mentors for community programs are often in a position of power over young volunteers and that position can be misconstrued at times. For one New Jersey former police officer and community program mentor, his position and the proximity it put him in with youth in the area may have played a role in the position he now finds himself in. The 49-year-old man currently stands accused of sexual assault against a minor.