Teen drivers have a much higher accident rate for a variety of reasons including inexperience, even when they have the best of intentions or never strive to act recklessly. However, even with the best intentions when a teen is behind the wheel, accidents happen. In a recent teen car accident case, the 17-year-old New Jersey boy is facing juvenile charges related to the accident.

The teen was driving down the road in a pickup truck when he reportedly ran into a parked car along the road. He then is said to have fled from the scene in the truck. Damage from the collision caused oil to leak from the vehicle, giving police who responded to the accident a clear path to follow.

The police followed the leaking oil straight to the teen’s driveway where they found him with the damaged vehicle. He told police he only took his hands off of the wheel to change the radio and left the roadway in the process. He reportedly told police he fled from the collision out of fear. He was subsequently charged with leaving the scene, failing to report the accident and careless driving.

If found guilty of the charges brought against him, he could face a number of punishments. However, the fact that he is a juvenile may help him avoid any long lasting or permanently damaging criminal penalties through the New Jersey court system. Each situation is unique and situations involving juvenile charges can vary greatly depending on the facts of the incident, the intent of the juvenile involved and whether or not that juvenile has had any previous altercations or criminal charges filed against them. First and foremost, however, no conviction can be obtained unless and until prosecutors are able to support the charges by competent evidence that meets a stringent burden of proof.

Source: njherald.com, “Teen charged with leaving crash scene,” May 1, 2013