An accident that recently snarled traffic for about an hour and a half has led to multiple charges against a man. The New Jersey man involved is facing charges stemming from an alleged DUI crash. The 38-year-old man and his passenger all needed medical attention after the crash.

The man reportedly wrecked on a Sunday night as he drove on a New Jersey highway. He was driving a pickup truck and hit another vehicle head-on. The pickup truck was driving north in the southbound lanes of the highway.

Passengers in the vehicle included a 20-year-old and her 2-year-old son. They both needed medical attention. Along with a DUI charge, the man is also facing charges of driving on the wrong side of the road, first degree vehicular assault and endangering the welfare of child. He has also been charged with violating conditions of his bail as he was court ordered to not have contact with the woman in his vehicle or her son.

The criminal charges against the man may carry heavy penalties including fines and possibly jail time if he is ultimately convicted of the felony charges, though there is a lot of territory to cover before that may even be a possibility. The penalties and fine associated with a DUI charge in New Jersey may vary greatly depending on the circumstances of the arrest, if there are any past drunk driving convictions and if anyone was injured in the incident. When there are multiple charges filed stemming from one incident, there are times when one or more of the charges may be dropped or a plea bargain is negotiated depending on the details of the particular situation.

Source:, “NJ man charged with DUI in US 13 wrong-way crash,” Terri Sanginiti, May 8, 2013