When police or firefighters come onto a scene, they may never know what they may come across. Recently, New Jersey police responded to the woods for a report of a fire only to discover that a rental car along a power line road was stuck and had burned. The discovery also later led them to the arrest of the person who rented the car. She is now facing drug charges in relation to the incident.

The fire burned a half acre of land and also left the car scorched down to the frame. They discovered it was a rental car and traced the person who rented it. Police found that person to be a 35-year-old female.

She is now facing a wide variety of charges. She was accused of failure to report the fire and criminal mischief. She was also charged with possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute, possession of paraphernalia and possession of a needle. She was also given a summons for reckless driving and driving while under the influence.

There is still a pending investigation into the incident by a number of local and state authorities. It is unclear exactly what happened to the car and what evidence police may have or not have related to the burned vehicle or anything they may have recovered from it. Regardless of what the drug charges are against the woman or what potential evidence police may contend they have, the woman who rented the car is still innocent until — and only if — proven guilty in a New Jersey court of law.

Source: nj.com, “Woman arrested on drug charges after her car allegedly started a Chester Twp. brush fire,” Justin Zaremba, May 1, 2013