While accidents on the roadways happen all of the time, it may be a rare sight to see an accident involving a house. Recently, a New Jersey man happened to be involved in an accident where the end point happened to the side of a house. The driver alleged to be responsible was arrested for underage DUI.


A call came into police stating that a car had hit a house on a Monday night. Police came to the scene and located a car on the lawn but there was no one to be found inside or around it. Then, a man came walking toward the scene of the crash and was questioned. The man then allegedly told police he was the driver of the wrecked car.

The 20-year-old was given field sobriety tests at the scene. Police contend he failed those tests. Aside from being arrested for underage DUI, the young man was also charged with reckless driving.


The charge of DUI in New Jersey can carry a wide range of possible criminal penalties including but not limited to jail time, probation, fines, loss of license and court mandated alcohol treatment sessions or classes. If someone arrested for DUI has had a past offense, they may face higher fines, a greater chance of jail time and a longer period without their driver’s license. Anyone arrested for DUI should ensure they are fully aware of their rights and what possible penalties can be handed down in a New Jersey criminal court.


Source: Hopatcong-Sparta, NJ Patch, “Underage Drunken Driver Crashed Into Home, Cops Say,” Jason Koestenblatt, May 30, 2013