The juvenile court system differs from the adult court system on many levels, including possible punishments and the long term effects charges may have on anyone found guilty in a court of law. However, there may still be serious consequences for people arrested on juvenile charges especially when it comes to any kind of drug charges. A New Jersey teen was recently arrested, as drugs were allegedly seen on him while he was at school.

The 15-year-old was at his high school when a member of the school staff purportedly saw drugs and drug paraphernalia in the child’s backpack. A school resource officer was notified of the alleged discovery. The student was charged and arrested.

The student is facing a juvenile charge of marijuana possession. It is unknown how much marijuana was allegedly found in the students backpack. It is also unknown how exactly the staff member came to see the drugs and so called drug paraphernalia.

Juvenile charges related to drug possession can possibly result in fines, probation or even time sentenced in a juvenile detention center. However, that can only happen if a conviction is actually achieved in court. The age of the accused along with other factors may play a role in what kind of penalty could possibly be handed down after a guilty verdict. The legality of any kind of search by a staff member or resource officer may be called into question in some circumstances. Any past issues related to drug arrests, and the exact type and amount of drugs allegedly found, may also factor into any legal proceedings for those charged with a drug charge in New Jersey.

Source:, “High Point student faces drug charges,” May 21, 2013