The relationship between a teacher and a minor student should be based upon trust. Parents send their children to school with a belief that teachers will ensure their children are safe from harm. However, sometimes a teacher makes a mistake and violates this trust. This seems to be what happened with one woman teacher who was recently charged with sex crimes in New Jersey.

The 28-year-old teacher was recently sentenced to one year behind bars with a five year probation period for her sexual misconduct with a male high school student. The woman in an attempt to obtain leniency apologized and told the court that the incident was out of character for her. The sentence came after the defense struck a plea agreement with the prosecution.

In pleading guilty the woman admitted that after the 16-year-old boy put her hand on his genitals while at school she did not remove it, but instead kept her hand there for the purpose of her own sexual gratification. She also admitted that a few days later after the initial incident there was a second incident which occurred at the woman’s apartment. During this second incident she placed her hand on the student’s genitals.

The authorities had originally alleged that the woman and the boy had sexual intercourse. However, there have been no reports indicating she had admitted to this allegation in her plea agreement which admitted to a variety of other sex crimes. Her attorney also stated the woman was not normally attracted to minors. Although the New Jersey woman was found guilty and the likelihood of her continuing her teaching career is quite low, she will eventually be set free from jail after spending only one year in jail.

Source:, “NJ teacher gets jail for sex contact with boy,” June 21, 2013