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July 2013 Archives

New Jersey man arrested for sexual assault of a toddler

The internet has become a tool used by law enforcement to find and arrest those they believe are guilty of crimes. Through online investigative resources, local, state and federal agencies on all levels have used the internet as means of finding those they believe are involved in the sexual exploitation of children. Recently, an online investigation in another state led to the arrest of a New Jersey man for sexual assault.

Men face drug charges connected to New Jersey veterans

People utilize veteran affairs hospitals to seek treatment using their veteran benefits or for specific ailments or treatment needs. Veteran affairs hospitals, or any kind of health care facility, are not typically the scene of drug arrests. However, a number of men are currently facing drug charges related to their alleged activity at a New Jersey veteran hospital.

NFL Player planning criminal defense after New Jersey bar fight

It is not all that uncommon to hear about a fight breaking out outside of a bar. However, when that fight is severe enough, one or more of the parties involved may need to think about their criminal defense options. For NFL player, Ausar Walcott of the Browns, a bar fight in New Jersey has led to some serious criminal charges.

New Jersey man faces drug charges and more

There are times when the police are called for one reason and someone ends up facing charges for something completely unrelated to the original complaint. This seems to be the case for one New Jersey man. Police were called to an apartment building because a dog was locked inside of a car and a 24 year man was arrested for a variety of drug charges as a result.