People utilize veteran affairs hospitals to seek treatment using their veteran benefits or for specific ailments or treatment needs. Veteran affairs hospitals, or any kind of health care facility, are not typically the scene of drug arrests. However, a number of men are currently facing drug charges related to their alleged activity at a New Jersey veteran hospital.

Police believed there was alleged drug activity being conducted at the hospital. A total of seven men were arrested, with five being taken into custody at the actual medical facility. Police contend the men sold crack cocaine, heroin and other unspecified drugs to veterans at the facility.

All of the men arrested for selling the drugs were veterans themselves. They allegedly used their status to gain access to the facility. They are facing distribution charges and are accused of selling the drugs to other vets in the midst of treatment.

When it comes to drug charges in New Jersey, there is the possibility for very severe criminal consequences. The amount of drugs and the specific type of drugs all can factor in to what kind of penalties, fines, jail time or other punishments may be handed down if someone were to be found guilty of drug crimes. Since these men were arrested in a medical facility, it may also play a role in their individual cases if they were found to have taken drugs from the actual facility or if they were found to have medical or drug abuse issues of their own. There are times when drug treatment programs are part of a sentence or mandated by the court when drug charges reveal a drug abuse issue amongst those facing charges.

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